This seemingly humorous and innocuous situation caused Jordan Clarkson to lose money on the first day of 2021. The NBA announced that Utah Jazz defender Jordan Clarkson was fined US $ 25,000 after pushing referee Karl Lane on Friday.

The incident happened in the match between the Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns at the beginning of the second half. Clarkson had just had a successful scoring situation, caught the opponent, and cut the pass.

While trying to run after the ball to control, Jordan Clarkson hit the referee Karl Lane. The ball touched Lane’s feet and rolled out in the regret and exasperation of Jordan.

Jordan Clarkson also indirectly made the game difficult for Jazz

The referee wanted to avoid the movement of the Utah Jazz player as things happened so fast, he decided to stand still. Then, Jordan Clarkson took action to push the referee out as a reaction. Immediately, the referee Karl Lane gave Jordan a technical error. Not only having technical errors but Jordan Clarkson also indirectly made the game difficult for Jazz.

Accidentally pushing the referee, Jordan Clarkson was fined $25,000

After Chris Paul successfully executed a technical free-kick, the Phoenix Suns took advantage of their spirit to open a 7-0 streak, bringing the gap high and Utah Jazz could not close the gap anymore. Things are getting worse now when Clarkson was fined $ 25,000 by the NBA for pushing his referee, a cold penalty that appeared on New Year’s Day 2021.

In his 7th season in the NBA, Jordan Clarkson is averaging 16.5 points in 22.6 minutes per game. It would be the first time Clarkson had a chance to play the full season for the Utah Jazz as he traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers mid-season last year.

Through 5 matches, Jazz is 3 wins and 2 defeats. The latest victory came this morning when they overcame the LA Clippers with a score of 106-100. Clarkson scored 9 points in 20 minutes.