James Harden’s future with the Houston Rockets has been a hot topic in the NBA world over the past week. First, Houston shared that they are in no rush to trade James Harden even though the 2018 NBA MVP wants to move to another team. However, things seem to have changed.

According to the latest sharing of prestigious journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, Houston Rockets now wants to move James Harden away sooner. The reason comes from the team that is afraid of the negative energy that Harden shows during a time when he cannot meet the need to leave. This is something that can completely affect the team’s dressing room.

The Rockets are negotiating more with other teams, not just Brooklyn or Philadelphia. They began to gather information from teams from both the East and the West. Brooklyn and Philly are the two brightest options, but the door is open to any other team that wants the service of James Harden.

Houston is looking to make the deal sooner

This will support the team to follow the new system and path that new captain Stephen Silas is drawing for the Rockets. The important thing at the moment is that the team needs to find a suitable offer and it does not necessarily extend the team’s future. Rockets have a list of what they want.

Houston Rockets now wants to move James Harden away sooner

With the number of years remaining in the contract of James Harden, Houston Rockets is the party that takes the full initiative. They may not trade Harden or choose another time to break the trade for the next two years.

However, Woj’s new information shows that the Rockets do not want to retain a superstar who is not interested in playing. This can harm the dressing room and the overall morale of the team. After all, it wouldn’t be a surprise if James Harden was traded to another team in the next few days, just before the start of the new season.

According to ESPN journalists Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne, many teams have contacted the Houston Rockets to offer to trade for James Harden. The newest and most exciting development came this morning, coming from one of James’s favorite destinations.

The ESPN journalist duo reported that the Philadelphia 76ers were ready to put Ben Simmons on the table to discuss James Harden. However, the two sides did not reach a common voice after the first hours of discussion. Immediately after this information was released, the 76ers’ professional chairman Daryl Morey denied it.