Accidentally pushing the referee, Jordan Clarkson was fined $25,000

This seemingly humorous and innocuous situation caused Jordan Clarkson to lose money on the first day of 2021. The NBA announced that Utah Jazz defender Jordan Clarkson was fined US $ 25,000 after pushing referee Karl Lane on Friday.

The incident happened in the match between the Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns at the beginning of the second half. Clarkson had just had a successful scoring situation, caught the opponent, and cut the pass.

While trying to run after the ball to control, Jordan Clarkson hit the referee Karl Lane. The ball touched Lane’s feet and rolled out in the regret and exasperation of Jordan.

Jordan Clarkson also indirectly made the game difficult for Jazz

The referee wanted to avoid the movement of the Utah Jazz player as things happened so fast, he decided to stand still. Then, Jordan Clarkson took action to push the referee out as a reaction. Immediately, the referee Karl Lane gave Jordan a technical error. Not only having technical errors but Jordan Clarkson also indirectly made the game difficult for Jazz.

Accidentally pushing the referee, Jordan Clarkson was fined $25,000

After Chris Paul successfully executed a technical free-kick, the Phoenix Suns took advantage of their spirit to open a 7-0 streak, bringing the gap high and Utah Jazz could not close the gap anymore. Things are getting worse now when Clarkson was fined $ 25,000 by the NBA for pushing his referee, a cold penalty that appeared on New Year’s Day 2021.

In his 7th season in the NBA, Jordan Clarkson is averaging 16.5 points in 22.6 minutes per game. It would be the first time Clarkson had a chance to play the full season for the Utah Jazz as he traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers mid-season last year.

Through 5 matches, Jazz is 3 wins and 2 defeats. The latest victory came this morning when they overcame the LA Clippers with a score of 106-100. Clarkson scored 9 points in 20 minutes.

Golden State Warriors create a sad milestone for Christmas

The Golden State Warriors continued to sink deep into the frame of panic when losing heavily to the Milwaukee Bucks in the second match of the 2020/21 NBA season.

There is no miracle for this year’s Christmas Eve for the Golden State Warriors. They went on to score 99 points like the opening match of the season with the Nets and went on to receive a bold defeat. On the Milwaukee Bucks field, teachers and students Steve Kerr suffered the match completely with a 99-138 defeat.

The second biggest loser in the history of Christmas matches

The Warriors’ 39-point defeat makes them the second biggest loser in the history of Christmas matches, just behind the 1960 New York Knicks, which lost 100-162 to Syracuse National.

Through the first 2 matches, the Warriors received 2 defeats with a total difference of up to 68 points. This was the second-worst start in the club’s history, just after two consecutive defeats against the Clippers with a total gap of 71 points in the opening stage of the 1987-88 season.

Steve Kerr’s teachers and students lost in both opening matches of the season

The Milwaukee Bucks entered the game after watching a family member’s Christmas celebration tapes, and it was their motivation to revive from their opening day defeat to the Boston Celtics. Middleton shows the impressive performance when scoring 31 points, reaching FG 10-15 and 3FG up to 6-8. In total, in the first two games of the season, he scored 58 points.

Giannis Antetokounmpo reached a double-double with 15 points and 13 rebounds. Although not in high form, only successfully throwing 4 out of 15 shots, but that was enough for the Bucks to crush the visitors. Deer swarm successfully takes up to 20 out of 37 3-point shots, while Golden State Warriors only perform 10-45.

Draymond Green continued to sit out due to injury. Steph Curry and James Wiseman have 19 and 18 points, respectively. In this match, Curry surpassed Rick Barry to become the second most scoring player in the Warriors history. However, the long throw performance of just 2-10 is unlikely to make him happy.

Houston Rockets wanted to trade Harden as soon as possible

James Harden’s future with the Houston Rockets has been a hot topic in the NBA world over the past week. First, Houston shared that they are in no rush to trade James Harden even though the 2018 NBA MVP wants to move to another team. However, things seem to have changed.

According to the latest sharing of prestigious journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, Houston Rockets now wants to move James Harden away sooner. The reason comes from the team that is afraid of the negative energy that Harden shows during a time when he cannot meet the need to leave. This is something that can completely affect the team’s dressing room.

The Rockets are negotiating more with other teams, not just Brooklyn or Philadelphia. They began to gather information from teams from both the East and the West. Brooklyn and Philly are the two brightest options, but the door is open to any other team that wants the service of James Harden.

Houston is looking to make the deal sooner

This will support the team to follow the new system and path that new captain Stephen Silas is drawing for the Rockets. The important thing at the moment is that the team needs to find a suitable offer and it does not necessarily extend the team’s future. Rockets have a list of what they want.

Houston Rockets now wants to move James Harden away sooner

With the number of years remaining in the contract of James Harden, Houston Rockets is the party that takes the full initiative. They may not trade Harden or choose another time to break the trade for the next two years.

However, Woj’s new information shows that the Rockets do not want to retain a superstar who is not interested in playing. This can harm the dressing room and the overall morale of the team. After all, it wouldn’t be a surprise if James Harden was traded to another team in the next few days, just before the start of the new season.

According to ESPN journalists Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne, many teams have contacted the Houston Rockets to offer to trade for James Harden. The newest and most exciting development came this morning, coming from one of James’s favorite destinations.

The ESPN journalist duo reported that the Philadelphia 76ers were ready to put Ben Simmons on the table to discuss James Harden. However, the two sides did not reach a common voice after the first hours of discussion. Immediately after this information was released, the 76ers’ professional chairman Daryl Morey denied it.

Two important players of Golden State Warriors are positive for COVID-19

The NBA is recording a series of players infected with COVID-19, recently adding two Golden State Warriors players appearing in the patient list.

Four days ago the NBA announced that they had sampled 546 NBA players, 48 ​​of them (equivalent to 8.8%) for COVID-19 positive results. The number of cases is not expected to stop and that quickly comes true.

A few hours ago the NBA recorded two more COVID-19 infections, both of which are members of the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, and James Wiseman. This is bad news for The Bay because Green and Wiseman are quality factors.

If the name Green is unquestionable, rookie James Wiseman is the second name chosen on the Draft Day by Golden State Warriors, so the 19-year-old player receives great expectations.

James Wiseman was the 2nd pick on the last Draft Day

Coach Steve Kerr’s army should have joined since last week, but two COVID-19 positive players forced them to cancel the plan. Answer to the media, the 55-year-old captain did not reveal the identities of these two players.

James Wiseman was the 2nd pick on the last Draft Day

But San Francisco Chronicle’s Connor Letourneau recently revealed the identities of these two players. Very quickly, reputable sources also validated this information.

Green and Wiseman will need time to cure, quarantine before joining forces with teammates. If you’re lucky, the duo will take at least 2 weeks to return.

The Blazers training ground was blocked

COVID-19 infections are still appearing among NBA football teams. This time it was Portland Trail Blazers with 3 positive cases, one of which was a player. The rally is over and there are only 4 days left until the preseason series begins, but many NBA teams are facing stormy COVID-19

Aside from the Golden State Warriors, which had been forced to shut down the training facility because of a few players with the virus, it’s now Portland Trail Blazers to do the same thing when it found three COVID infections in the team.

According to the rules originally sent by the NBA to teams, the identity of the COVID-19 infected member or player is not disclosed. While NBA teams are massively rallying and kicking off the training camp, COVID-19 infections in the US are on a rise.

In the NBA, three teams have witnessed COVID-19 infections. Besides, the tournament also announced that they have tested all 500 players attending the training camp out of 30 teams. The results have returned 48 cases of COVID-19 infection.

The season has not yet started, the Boston Celtics have suffered injuries

Kemba Walker’s injury first appeared in February at the All-Star week, leaving him in constant pain for a long time. During the offseason, the Boston Celtics lost striker Gordon Hayward to Charlotte Hornets. Now, they will not have the services of another All-Star defender in the squad, Kemba Walker.

According to the team medical team, Kemba recently injected a stem cell shot into the left knee to complete the injury recovery process.

On additional notes by the team, Kemba Walker has been consulting with many experts since early October. Eventually, he accepted the stem cell injection and went into a 12-week “knee workout” that leaves Walker sitting out in 2020 and into early January.

The former defender of Charlotte Hornets is expected to return to training in mid-December with the Boston Celtics. After that, the medical team will monitor Kemba’s injury and set a time to return for this player.

Kemba Walker’s injury first appeared in February at the All-Star week

Kemba Walker’s injury in February left him in constant pain for a long time. By the time the NBA restarted in Orlando, the Boston Celtics were forced to limit Kemba’s minutes of play at the Seeding Games series.

Kemba Walker’s injury first appeared in February at the All-Star week

On reaching the Playoffs, Walker was free to play and averaged 19.6 points and 5.1 assists in 17 games. However, his performance was more or less affected. Share in a recent podcast appearance, coach Brad Stevens revealed that during that time, Kemba Walker has not recovered 100% and the team was “a bit in a hurry” to bring him back to the final game last season.

Currently, the Boston Celtics are confident in the injury recovery plan that Kemba Walker is working on. However, the effectiveness is only really answered by his performances in the new season, where Kemba will sit out for at least the first 20 days.

OKC Thunder enriched draft pick banks for the NBA tournament this season

This is the great success of 76ers and when the new professional president Daryl Morey. Besides, Oklahoma City Thunder was richer with a huge number of picks. Thus, Al Horford’s time at Philadelphia 76ers lasted only one season.

According to reputable journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sixers traded Al Horford with a first-round pick in 2025 and the 34th pick at NBA Draft 2020 to Oklahoma City Thunder. In return, they have veteran pitcher and NBA champion Danny Green alongside energetic young striker Terrance Ferguson.

Al Horford and the contract of more than 100 million dollars were successfully discarded by the Philadelphia 76ers. At least Al Horford has been in Philadelphia for 76ers for a season. To Danny Green, you’ve been just a part of Oklahoma City Thunder for a few days.

Green was traded from the Lakers to Thunder earlier this week after the exchange brought Dennis Schroder to Los Angeles. With the Philadelphia 76ers deal, Oklahoma City Thunder enriched their “pick bank” with two more options at the NBA Draft, an invaluable asset for a team looking to rebuild a formation like OKC.

It is not yet clear whether Al Horford will stay in Thunder or will he continue to be placed on the table by the team.

Oklahoma City Thunder has a total of 17 first-round picks in the next 7 years

This is the first deal made by Mr. Daryl Moray since he officially became the new professional chairman of the Philadelphia 76ers. With Danny Green, Sixers will have a veteran satellite thrower revolving around Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons duo, helping the team get closer to the goal of winning the championship.

Oklahoma City Thunder has a total of 17 first-round picks in the next 7 years

Green has 3 times to win the championship with 3 different teams are San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors, and Los Angeles Lakers. In all three trophy wins, he played an important role in the team. He is also a perfect player for the hope of competition of 76ers when he has exactly 1 year on his contract (salary of 15 million USD / season).

Besides, the Philadelphia 76ers were able to push Al Horford and a giant contract (4 years, 109 million dollars) to another team without having to give up too many players or picks. This is considered the first major success Mr. Morey has with his new position at Philly, the perfect start after a rowdy farewell to the Houston Rockets and China-related issues.

Jayson Tatum had a longstanding relationship with the Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics have successfully tied up their best player, Jayson Tatum, for a long time.

The home team of TD Garden has reached an agreement with Jayson Tatum to sign an extended contract of maximum value. According to prestigious journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, the extension contract “rookie max extension” has a term of 5 years and is worth $ 195 million.

This is the largest number Tatum can sign and it will keep the 1998-born player in Boston at least until 2025 (the last season will be Tatum’s choice under the Player Option terms). After a somewhat turbulent start, Jayson Tatum made a big leap in the past season (2019-20) when he became the Boston Celtics’ No. 1 star.

Jayson Tatum is a talented NBA star

The second half of the season was when Tatum played the most sublimation, reaching the level of a true superstar before entering the All-NBA lineup. Entering the Playoffs, the more Jayson hit the better. He averaged 25.7 points with 10.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game on the way to the East final in Boston.

Jayson Tatum is a talented NBA star

In the summer of 2019 when Kyrie Irving and Al Horford left, Jayson Tatum was forced to take on a larger role, carrying the Boston Celtics. Tatum’s frivolousness would have been a problem, but the 1998-born star didn’t have any problems being the team’s superstar.

With what has been shown, Jayson Tatum is evaluated by many experts to have a very large contract. Ultimately, he got it on after professional president Danny Ainge was awarded a “white check”.

Signing a contract worth 195 million dollars, Tatum will become the third player in the group of players selected at the NBA Draft 2017 to achieve this massive contract Rookie Max Extension.

The two previously signed are De’Aaron Fox and Donovan Mitchell with Sacramento Kings and Utah Jazz, respectively. Jayson Tatum after the All-Star season and becoming the No. 1 Boston Celtics star was well deserved. He has just agreed to a contract extension worth 195 million dollars in five years.

Tatum’s “fellow” Donovan Mitchell also received a similar offer from the Utah Jazz and agreed. Thus, two of the top 3 players in the top of the Rookie of The Year race in 2018 have been extended with a max contract.

The Los Angeles Lakers recruited Dennis Schroder, farewell Quinn Cook and Danny Green

The Los Angeles Lakers continued to show their desire to reinforce the squad for the defense of the championship, welcoming Dennis Schroder from the Oklahoma City Thunder. After the NBA Draft 2020 event took place yesterday morning, the Los Angeles Lakers officially announced the exchange they have been cooking for many long days.

The 2020 NBA champion officially has the service of defender Dennis Schroder, who finished second in the race to the Sixth Man of The Year title and has just had the best season of his career with the Oklahoma City Thunder shirt.

In the opposite direction, OKC will receive a round 1 pick in 2020, the rate where the Lakers have chosen striker Jaden McDaniels from Washington.

Thunder also received veteran AD carry Danny Green

However, the pitcher was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. Along with this information, the Los Angeles Lakers said goodbye to Quinn Cook, a backup defender who rarely played but brought great value in the dressing room of the team.

The Los Angeles Lakers recruited Dennis Schroder

On the field, Dennis Schroder will be an extremely reasonable choice for the Los Angeles Lakers, especially when this team has just broken up with Rajon Rondo, who has decided to leave and become a free player.

Schroder is a German defender with a diverse ability to play. He can both score himself and create opportunities for his teammates thanks to his impressive tactical vision and good passing skills. Last season, Dennis appeared in 65 Regular Season matches for Oklahoma City Thunder, averaging 18.9 points with four assists and 3.6 rebounds per game.

In parallel, Schroder also has a 39% 3PT long-throw rate and quite average defense for the outer positions. Since the beginning of 2020, the Lakers have targeted Schroder to reinforce the squad and improve the championship. They have been contacting the Oklahoma City Thunder since early February to cook the trade ahead of the Trade Deadline.

According to some information on the sidelines, the Lakers neighbor team LA Clippers is one of the top destinations for Rajon Rondo. With the selection of Dennis Schroder, Los Angeles Lakers has a plan for the possibility that Rondo is “stolen” in the free player market.

Would James Harden want to stay and play for the Houston Rockets?

If this deal involving James Harden comes to fruition, it is likely that the NBA’s balance of power will change significantly. Would James Harden want to stay and play for the Houston Rockets? The answer seems to be changing day by day.

Shortly after Russell Westbrook shared his intention to leave the team a few days ago, Harden told reporters that he still believes and will stay in Houston. But this belief does not seem to be very strong, especially after the information has just been published by a series of prestigious journalists such as Adrian Wojnarowski or Ramona Shelburne.

James Harden expressed his intention to play for the Brooklyn Nets

According to Woj and reporters at ESPN, James Harden has expressed his intention to play for the Brooklyn Nets. This is the team “at the top of the list of destinations” of Harden. Up to the present time, Brooklyn and Houston have not had any discussion regarding “bearded god”.

James Harden expressed his intention to play for the Brooklyn Nets

At the same time, Wojnarowski further notes that the Rockets have no intention of letting James Harden go and will do their best to keep the All-Star defender in Houston. In Brooklyn Nets, James Harden has a brother and former teammate from the Oklahoma City Thunder era – Kevin Durant.

Over the past time, the two have discussed reuniting and the possibility of competing against each other in the future. However, nothing is certain and the leaders of the two host teams have not had any negotiation action.

According to some other sources cited by CBS Sports, Harden is increasingly dissatisfied with the ability of the Houston Rockets to compete for the championship. This means that James has thoughts about leaving before his contract expires.

Brooklyn Nets is where the “beard god” wants to go, but it is not clear whether this team has enough players or picks to trade for James Harden or not. There will still be a lot more to happen for James Harden to officially step into the Barclays Center as a Brooklyn Nets player. But if this deal comes to fruition, it is likely that the NBA’s balance of power will change significantly.

NBA 2020/21 will end in July before the Tokyo Olympics kicks off

The sudden change of the Football Association after the negotiations helped speed up the approval process for the NBA’s new season.

Just a few days after speaking out, the NBA Players Association (NBPA) changed its attitude and agreed with the idea of ​​opening the season on December 22. The new season will feature 72 matches and end in July before the Tokyo Olympics kicks off. After the new NBA season being postponed for a long time, it finally kicks off.

One of the reasons the NBPA changed its mind was the meeting between the top players with CEO Michele Roberts. Previously, the players said that 2 months of rest between the two seasons was not enough to restore fitness. However, Roberts convinced the players to vote yes.

The Christmas series will be a boost in ratings for the NBA

With the current schedule, the NBA will still have games for Christmas, and a 72-game season could end in the summer. This plan could bring 500 million – 1 billion USD in revenue for the tournament as well as the players.

Initially, the athletes wanted to push the start of the season to the end of January, early February 2021. However, that would cause the end of the season to coincide with the Olympics and the NFL, leading to television ratings as well as revenue decline.

Meanwhile, no one wants to cut the season short to 50-60 games because the television rights will decrease, directly affecting the players’ pocket money.

Currently, NBPA and the NBA Organizing Committee are promoting negotiations on when to open the free transfer market. The players want to push this deadline as close to the NBA Draft as possible, because the teams will focus on December 1.

Many financial questions are still waiting to be resolved

Also, the players and the organizers are negotiating financial issues. It is expected that the negotiations will last until the end of next week. Once the two sides agree, the NBA will open up the transfer market, allowing teams to trade.

The biggest obstacle right now is the wage trust ratio. The bosses want to withhold 25% of the players’ wages this season like the end of last season to relieve the financial pressure, while the players only accept the maximum number of 18%.

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